Ladies: Top 7 S3x Positions That Puts You In Control

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There are many time you will want to be in control as a woman during s3x which would more or less, assert your authority in the bedroom and apart from the fact that you get to control the s3x act itself, such positions give you ultimate enjoyment which is after all, the basic essence of s3x and which in the long run, pays off, for you and your man.

Top 7 S3x Positions That Puts You In Control

For the ladies in the house, here are top positions that put you in the driver’s seat and let you take control of the action as well as give you topmost satisfaction.

Cowgirl: “This classic position allows you to take charge of pace and depth of penetration, so alternate between shallow and deep thrusts to stimulate different parts of your vag!na; to increase sensation, your partner can manually stimulate your cl!toris – if you feel like giving him control, that is”.

Face off: “This position is a must-try if you like being in charge but don’t want to sacrifice face-to-face intimacy; with your partner sitting on a chair or the edge of the bed, sit on his lap facing him with your arms around his back and once in the saddle, you can ride up and down by pressing with your legs and knees”.

The hot seat: “Ask your partner to sit on the edge of the bed or on a chair, then back up onto him, sitting between his legs and as you move up and down, you can control the angle of entry by arching your back and pressing your butt into his groin”.


Reverse Cowgirl sex positionReverse cowgirl: “Switch up your usual cowgirl by facing away from your man and giving him an awesome view as you ride him and for more control, lean forward or back to change the angle of his p3nis inside you”.

Pole position: “This is the ultimate position for dual pleasure; straddling your partner’s bent leg means you’ll get cl!toral stimulation and penetration at the same time; hold his knee, and use it for support as you rock up and down, want to drive him even crazier?then glance behind you to watch him enjoying you taking the reins”.

The lazy man: “Let your partner really relax by placing pillows behind his back and having him sit against them with his legs outstretched; then, once you’ve lowered yourself onto him, you can press on the balls of your feet and release to raise and lower yourself as quickly or slowly as you please”.

Hovering butterfly: “This position gives a woman on top an oral twist, hold onto a wall or headboard for support as you straddle his face and then, you can let him do his thing, or you can really take control by having him hold his tongue firm as you gyrate your hips to your liking”.


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