Ladies Cheat More In A Relationship-@Sandymonajj,

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@Sandymonajj,@Sandymonajj,An interesting post shared by a young lady who is of the opinion that ladies are the most ‘savage’ when it comes to cheating in relationships. It is not an uncommon thing to hear ‘all men are cheats’ from ladies who have mostly been scorned by these ‘cheating men’.

However, a young lady recently took to social media to ‘debunk this myth’ by saying there are ladies who are actually worse than men when it comes to cheating in relationships.

The Twitter user @Sandymonajj, said “women are cheating savages/geniuses and a man should just hope for a lady who truly respects him.” Young lady reveals how ‘savage’ ladies are when it comes to cheating The young lady claims cheating is also commonplace with women

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