Ladies: 6 things to NEVER do to the vagina

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Things to NEVER do to the vagina: Shaving the pubic hair completely amongst other things are No Nos for the vagina, find out more.


The vagina is self cleansing so there’s usually no need to overly clean it, it does that itself!

By now most ladies should know that the vagina is self cleansing so there’s usually no need to keep douching and over cleaning it! The vagina restores its own PH balance all by itself making clean water just enough to keep it clean and smelling just right.

(Note that vagina scents differ and this is usually largely due to lifestyle habits)

1. Piercing

A lot of ladies love to accessorize even down there but it’s not advisable. These days genital piercings are a rave but they are freeway to infections as well as damages to nerves in that area not to mention the fact that a lot can go wrong if the piercing is done in an unsafe environment with untreated equipment.

2. Don’t Douch

Douching is not good for the vagina, it simply disrupts the PH balance of the intimate area and end up causing more harm than good.

3. Don’t Steam the vagina

It’s never a good idea to steam the vagina. Steaming the vagina can disrupt the hormonal balance and the natural bacteria in the area. There are ‘good bacteria’ necessary to cleanse the vagina and when their functions are disrupted this could result in imbalances and infections.

4. Avoid perfumed soaps, wash

Scented/Perfumed soaps and wash are not necessary for the vagina. It’s best to use unscented products if at most one wants to use soaps/washes. Most times the perfume presented in these cleansers irritate the area leading to infections and other issues.


5. Wear suitable undies

Tight underwears cause skin chaffing and irritation especially if they are nylon/rayon fabrics. It’s best to wear breathable fabrics especially cotton (100%) so that the area is airy reducing the risk of infection and being moist which could encourage the growth of bacteria.

6. Careful with pubic hair

Surprisingly reports reveal shaving off the pubic hair totally increases chances of getting infection what can be done is to tame carefully when the time comes. Pubic hair helps protect the intimate area as well as absorb moisture. So next time instead of shaving it off totally, give it a very nice trim!

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