Ladies: 6 Sweet & Naughty Ways To Wake Your Man Up

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Are you always screaming to wake your partner up or you just assumed he has an alarm? Well, lets teach you these new tricks to wake him up and see how wonderful it is going to be, he is going to be all impressed and would love to wake up like this each day.


Cuddle: “Even if you have woken up well before him, lie down next to him and just cuddle him like a baby; men won’t admit it, but they love this and they find it very romantic and you will see an instant smile on their face while they hug you back and try to sleep”.

Smiling couple lying in bed together — Image by © Rick Gomez/CorbisMorning s3x: “One of the best ways to wake him up is to initiate s3x, go ahead and start nibbling his ear and move your hand on his chest and instead of expecting a foreplay, just climb on top of him, it is a morning that will refresh both of you”.

“Text him or call from another room and say something sexy. something like “would you like to have me for breakfast today” or even the clichéd “Coffee, tea or me” works”.

Whisper some sweet nothings in his ear: “Compliment him, say something naughty or mushy, you can talk about last night or remind him of something cute that you both did in bed when you started living together and he will surely feel loved and fuzzy early morning”.

Kiss his neck: “That is an excellent way to turn him on if you are waiting for some morning action, if you’re not someone who initiates immediately, this is a good way to hint; even if you don’t end up having s3x, you will have a good time kissing and teasing each other”.

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Play his favourite music: “And by that we mean, some soft numbers; you don’t want to wake him up with some hard rock or metal numbers, music can make you feel cheerful throughout the day; moreover, he’ll think of you whenever he hums the song during the day”.

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