Ladies: 4 Ways You Can Show Your Man Love

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Women think that they are the only ones in need of love and affection, because they think that men are ‘strong’, and ‘unemotional’, but they forget that men are humans too and they need all the loving they can get to continue to go about their lives. In fact, without love and support, men would not be able to keep going so if as a woman, you held that sentiment about loving men, you have got to change it now and to make things easier.

 4 Ways You Can Show Your Man Love

Below are a few ways you can show your man love.

Be his confidant/shoulder to lean on: “Unknown to a lot of women, men go through a lot on a daily basis, and need someone to share their problems with; someone to talk to, and a shoulder to lean on; you can help your man by offering him yours; so, when your man returns for the day, ask him how his day went, enquire about his mood if you notice anything unusual, and talk him through/out of whatever challenge he may be facing, things like that make one feel appreciated and loved”.

 Support him financially if you can: “I’m not saying you should take his every responsibility from him, but there is nothing wrong with helping him out with one or two if you notice that they’re too much for him to handle; whether in marriage or a premarital relationship, offering a man financial assistance when he desperately needs it is a good way of showing him love and remember though, that there is a fine line between needing financial help and being a financial burden”.

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Feed him: “If your work permits you to be home earlier than your man, make him something good to eat when he returns; men love food, especially, after a hard days work and if you can make some available when he needs it, he’ll definitely feel loved more”.

Give him good s3x: “Nothing makes a man happier than bomb s3x, if you can turn up for him in bed, and serve his every desire, he’d be the happiest man alive; find out new ways you can blow his mind in bed, and use them to thrill him every time and let each experience be something different from the past and also, be willing to go the extra mile for him if he needs you to”.

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