Ladies: 3 Ways You Can Drive Him Crazy With Your B00bs

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Men love br3asts, they just do for no reasons while most of the times women think of br3asts as an idle toy that can be played with but in this 21st century, all woman knows that with her br3ast she has the power to bring a man to his knees.

Drive Him Crazy With Your B00bs

Below are some ways you should be using your br3ast as a woman to turn your man on.

Give him a titty wank: “Even if you have small br3asts, you can still use them to make him cum with a titty wank, you just have to lie down and push the br3asts together; make sure you use a lot of lube, cover the p3nis with your finger so it does not slip out, and if you can, give it a lick every time it comes up”.

Motorboat him: “Your man has watched way too much porn not to want to try this and to top it all off, it’s really simple to do, all you need to do is bring his face to your breasts and rub it all over; he will love it”.

Cowgirl grip: “This is a bit like motorboating, but this time you are on top riding him; so go on, ride him with his face pressed to your br3ast, and if he wants to, let him suck your n!pples”.

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