Kaduna State Losses 37,000 Birds To Avian Influenza [Bird Flu]

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[Bird Flu] Between the period of january -may this year .The Kaduna State government has disclosed that poultry farmers in the state lost more than 37,000 birds to Avian Influenza (Bird Flu). While 21,400 of the birds died as a direct result of infection, 16,300 were culled by officials of the state Ministry of Agriculture to stop the spread of the disease to other farms.

Director of Veterinary Service in the state Ministry of Agriculture, Dr. Samuel Dogo, who was represented by the Avian Influenza Desk Officer in the Ministry, Dr. Abel Williams, said that the ministry was embarking on massive sensitization campaign across the state to enlighten poultry farmers and live bird sellers on early signs of Avian Influenza and how to stop its spread.

He said after the first outbreak in January, the state government approved funds for disinfectant that would be used to decontaminate the affected farms.

He noted that the Federal Government was supposed to compensate farmers whose birds were killed, but for the backlog of compensation this administration inherited. He added that the Acting President approved N1.7 billion for the backlog of payments to be made.

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