How To Know If Your Man Is Sincere

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Are you wondering if the man you like is sincere? It is very likely that the answer to this question is yes. Knowing whether or not a man tells you the truth is a complex matter, and it is a very important issue in a relationship.


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In addition, it generates many doubts and confusions to women. Here we tell you how to know if a man is sincere.

Body language: The key to recognizing whether or not a man is sincere is in his body language and is that while his words can deceive, the signs of his body reveal to perfection what he really feels and does not want to express. You only have to pay true attention to your partner and to look carefully at all the gestures that accompany his words, in them lies the truth.

Touching certain parts of his face: If during a discussion with your partner, you ask him directly for something he has done and you see that while he responds he touches his mouth, nose or another part of the face, rest assured that he is lying to you. They are unconscious movements very ingrained since childhood.

Bites his lips: You begin to expose your doubts about your partner’s behaviour and while you tell him all this, you see how he looks at you for the perfect answer and starts to tighten, moisten or even to bite his lips. Prepare yourself because he’s going to lie to you, and that is that the gesture with the mouth is a reflection that tries to close his lips so that the truth does not come out.

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Avoids looking at your face: Your partner begins to defend himself against the accusations and your comments and while he tries to explain his version of the facts, he does not look at you or dodges the look. It is a very clear signal that he is not being honest with you, remember that the eyes are the mirror of the soul and avoiding looking, tries to hide the truth.

He keeps arguing or looking for a way, to tell the truth, and suddenly starts laughing to dismiss the whole discussion, shuts up completely or begins to ramble. Looking for arguments and excuses, or trying to gain time, tries to do the impossible not to be frank, either reaction tells he does not want to face the truth and be honest with you.

But: Your partner begins to use all the “buts” that occur to him, less and less convincing and you get even more incredulous. If he follows this path, each “but” is a lie followed by another, he does not know what excuses to look for you to believe, and as he continues down that road, the more he reveals his double face.

Other gestures and behaviours: There are also other gestures and behaviours that betray a man who is not sincere, such as moving his legs, simulating a yawn, shrugs, sweating, blushing, among others are many signs that are indicating that your partner is a liar.

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