Kanye West Was Furious At Kylie Jenner Secret Puma Deal – Kim Admits

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Kylie Jenner’s Secret Puma Deal

Kim Kardashian West has admitted that Kylie Jenner was in the doghouse with Kanye West over Puma deal

Kylie Jenner Secret Puma Deal

“Kanye was seriously upset at the fact that Kylie had booked a deal with Puma without talking to him about it first, because she had worked with him on his Adidas line,” Kim said, adding that he (Kanye) didn’t know about Kylie Jenner’s Puma deal until the shoot was already taking place.

Kylie Jenner Secret Puma Deal

Youngest member of the Kardashians is the face of Puma despite previously working on rapper’s Adidas line: Scope Features

On the latest episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim revealed how the couple were upset with Kylie and mother Kris Jenner, who had brokered the deal, saying:

“Kanye had Kylie walk in his first two shows, he really believed in her as part of his brand.

“I get my mom’s job is to get us deals, but everything has to be really carefully played out and I feel like this was a conflict of interest. I just wish my mom spoke about it wish us. We should all be able to communicate so we don’t step on anyone’s toes.”

The 18-year-old reality star signed with the sports brand back in February despite her brother-in-law insisting “1000%” there wouldn’t be a deal just days before, having had Kylie walk in his own line for Adidas in the past.

When Kim confronted her mum about it, she said:

“I run a business and the biggest part of my business it to pay attention to everyone involved … and the best first for each one of my clients. Sometimes it’s about a business decision.”

Kim responded:

“Sometimes when you’re dealing with family, it’s not really about a business decision. She was the model that he wanted. I just would have liked the heads up. He had no idea until the shoot was already happening.”

In the end, Kris understood where Kim was coming from and in return, Kim was happy having gotten it all sorted out.

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