Between Jude Okoye’s sister-in-law and Paul Okoye’s wife, Anita on Instagram

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Here’s what happened this evening! Earlier today, music executive Jude Okoye took to Instagram to share a photo of his adorable daughters, Emma and Eleanor. His younger brother Paul then reshared the photo via his own IG page, described the little girls as angels and made sure to tag their parents; Jude and his wife, Ifeoma.

Jude Okoye's

Between Jude Okoye

Between Jude Okoye

Paul’s wife, Anita decided to also reshare the photo via her own page but tagged only their father, Jude.


Jude’s wife Ifeoma’s sister, Nneka stormed the comments section of the post, demanding that Anita should either tag Ifeoma or delete the picture!

Between Jude Okoye

The comments!

Between Jude Okoye

Ifeoma and Nneka.

This raised a few eyebrows and even made us more suspicous after the comments were deleted but no changes were made to Anita’s initial post. See below.

Between Jude Okoye

Between Jude Okoye

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