Iyanya Allegedly Threatens OAP In Leaked Phone Conversation

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Nigerian artist Iyanya allegedly threatens OAP an On Air Personality of Hit FM, Calabar, Last Prophet, over comments on his relationship with Ubi Franklin and Triple MG.

Iyanya Allegedly Threatens OAP In Leaked Phone Conversation

Iyanya Allegedly Threatens OAP

A leaked phone conversation was obtained by THE NET in which Iyanya was clearly heard dishing out the threat to the OAP.

On August 2, the OAP, had in one of his radio shows, Otwetwe, weigh in on Iyanya parting ways with his former partner and manager Ubi Franklin especially as he allegedly moved on to sign a new deal with The Temple Company.

In jest, the OAP, during his show, said: ‘he wondered if Iyanya was planning to return back to Calabar where he started from’.

Some minutes later, after the show, Iyanya put a call through to the OAP allegedly threatening him.

In Iyanya’s words, ‘I don’t depend on my strive (sic), but i depend on God to take me further, this is Iyanya speaking, brother let this be the first and the last time that you will make that kind of statement that you made about me on your show. I have never had any issue with you, don’t ever in your whole life mention my issue with Ubi on your show. I’ve had different people call me to make that report, the next time you do I’ll show you another side of me’.

The HIT FM OAP, Last Prophet in reaction to the threat said:

‘I was shocked at Iyanya’s phone call.

” I’m a comedian and OAP, my show is a comedy show in pidgin English. All I did was make jokes from the situation, which is what anyone else would have done.

“I only feel bad because I’m sure he would not do that to any OAP in Lagos; he did it to me because he feels I’m in Calabar and he can just threaten me like that”.

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