Introducing Solid Foods to Baby From #GerberCEREALS #ad

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Introducing Solid Foods to Baby

Gerber® cereal has been the primary sustenance for my child who is only 11 months old. With each of them it appears like just yesterday that we were going to breastfeeding classes then reading up on introducing solid foods to baby. Like most guardians, one of our greatest concern was (and remains) giving great nourishment. While breast milk or baby recipe is the best wellspring of nourishment for the initial 6 months of life (and stays critical amid the whole first year), most children are formatively prepared and needing calories and supplements from solid foods around 6 months of age.

Gerber® cereal is a perfect first strong nourishment as it is intended to give key vitamins and minerals to babies. Only two servings a day gives 90% of newborn daily iron needs which is significant because around 6 months of age, the iron stores babies are conceived with start to drain.

Introducing Solid Foods


Gerber® cereals additionally contain calcium, vitamins C, E, Zinc and six B vitamins for sound development and improvement. This [often rest deprived] mother values that the homework on this has been finished. Gerber® Cereal guarantees that children get the iron and crucial nutrients required for healthy development.

Walmart offers the best cost on Gerber Oatmeal and Banana Cereal. The Gerber Oatmeal and Banana cereal truly assists with my child’s indigestion. We add 2 tsp to her equation every time we feed her.


Certainly a favored food, our most youthful still smiles and screeches with joy when he sees Gerber® Cereal pulled from the Walmart cabinet. He started eating Gerber® cereal blended with breastmilk, then blended with equation while voyaging, and later blended with products of the soil purees. He was our first to oppose when we presented nourishments with surface (those past purees). We discovered Gerber® Oatmeal and Banana Cereal to a great degree supportive through that procedure. The 10 vital vitamins and minerals pressed into every spoonful – an unequivocal solace for us as his move to finished sustenances took somewhat more than anticipated.

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When is time to introducing solid foods to baby, get the GERBER CEREAL HERE at your local Walmart

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