Introducing The Incredible M.C. Pollock

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M.C. Pollock is a singer/songwriter and founder of music distribution company Keep It Swanky. Equipped with a recognizable tenor voice, M.C. draws upon contemporary styles including Garage, House, Pop, and RnB.

M.C. Pollock
In April 2016, M.C. Pollock released “Thousand Times” featuring rapper IgnoVa on international streaming services. Exemplifying the braggadocio inherent in modern pop and hip hop music, “Thousand Times” tells the narrative of enjoying parties, women, and living life to the fullest. Since the song’s release, “Thousand Times” has received critical aclaim from several music blogs, including “Minnesota Bangers”, “Beat Hustlers”, and “Dup Spot Records”.

M.C. Pollock’s most recent solo single, “Tell Your Boss”, was released in February 2015 on platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play. “Tell Your Boss” has received acclaim from various popular music blogs, such as Sleeping Bag Studios, which described M.C. Pollock as “the ‘artist most likely to make you forget the existence of Jason Derulo.’” Beyond recording music, M.C. has frequented venues throughout the Tri-State/NYC area.

Before establishing a solo career, Pollock performed with various groups, including funk fusion band Bubonic Souls, who landed their hit single “Like You Do” on Showtime’s original series Californication, and live hip hop group Death and the Senator. In addition to writing and performing music, the rising star produces and records for indie-rapper IgnoVa, whose mixtapes have been featured on several popular hip hop blogs such as Dat Piff.

While he’s not in the studio, M.C. Pollock enjoys traveling, sipping fine scotch, and lounging with the crew. For more information on M.C. Pollock, please visit or email

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