Innocent Youth Detained In Police Custody For Two Weeks Without Criminal Charges

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The Imo State Police Command’s Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) has allegedly arrested and detained for Two weeks a young man who has not been charged of any crime.


Two weeks ago, police officers from Owerri North station stormed a Bet-Naija office responding to reports that an alleged “bad boy” was near the premises, according to Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha, a former Imo State House of Assembly staff who revealed the incident. The police arrested the suspect along with two other young men without explanation.

The suspected “bad boy” and another arrested youth were soon granted bail, but one young man, Kelechi Agoha, remained in custody at the Iwo State Police Command’s SARS office due to his inability to perfect his bail conditions.

The boy’s father, John Agoha, told the police officer holding his son, one Mr. Uche, that he could not afford that N30,000 bail. The officer then told Mr. Agoha that if he could not come up with the money, he would charge the young man to court for armed robbery, despite the fact that he had no evidence proving the boy had committed any crime.

Detailing the development to SaharaReporters, Mr. Iwuoha claimed that the officer told Mr. Agoha that his superiors would share the N30,000 bail money amongst themselves.

Mr. Iwuoha likened the treatment of the young boy to kidnapping, saying that the N30,000 bail requested by the police was ransom. He said that police regularly engage in such behavior under the guise of policing the country.

“This is the major reason our prison facilities are over-congested with innocent trial-awaiting inmates,” Mr. Iwuoha said.

“This is not the first time the SARS department would be drawing my attention to their wicked, unpatriotic, ungodly and unloving attitudes towards the innocent members of the public.”

He then called on the Imo State Commissioner of Police, Chris Ozey Ezike, to free the innocent Kelechi Agoha.

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