Igbo youths Wants Nigeria To Be Devided Into Six Regions

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THE Igbo Youth Movement, IYM, has called for the restructuring of Nigeria into six regions to ensure fiscal federalism. Founder of the IYM and Secretary, Eastern Consultative Assembly, ECA, Evangelist Elliot Ugochukwu- Uko, made this known in a statement yesterday.

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igbo-youths-want-nigeria-restructured-6-regions/he statement reads:   “The planned joint meeting on June 22, 2017 between Northern and Eastern leaders with Acting President Yemi Osinbajo in search of solutions sounds good and needful. The truth is that the meeting will not address the truth about the Nigerian situation. “Millions of Easterners had affirmed their loss of faith in Nigeria as presently constituted through a successful stay at home on May 30, 2017. “The whole world was shocked beyond words, when some Northern leaders through certain youths, dazed by the stay at home order, played the last card left. An untidy attempt to blackmail Easterners burning desire for freedom from oppression, with the threat to harm them and their properties in the North.
-restructured-6-regions/Eastern youths called their bluff, thanked God for their reaction and changed gear to a demand for an early referendum to decide the fate of Nigeria. A hurried cosmetic makeover is in the brew, to paper the cracks and postpone the evil day. “The elite clap, Nigerians ponder, the naive and the gullible are deceived as usual, while the discerning mourn.   The political class is excited at the opportunity of using the blood of these agitators to achieve political accommodation and the beat goes on. “As the leaders gather on June 22nd to prevaricate with platitudes, as usual, the divide gets only deeper, the anger spreads wider, and the elite club congratulates themselves for another choreographed deception successfully pulled off. “The crack in the foundation of the country would only continue to get worse until we stop lying to ourselves. The malignant tumour has grown so big that only a surgical operation can remove it now. “The militarily -inspired constitution cannot move Nigeria forward. The structure created by military rulers cannot take us any further. The suspicions have since given way to hate and the misgivings to anger. “Only a fundamental restructuring of the polity back to true fiscal federalism can save Nigeria now. Everybody knows that. “Continuous deception would only make matters worse. Devolving powers to the 36 states is not enough to return the souls of millions of young people (especially from my region) who no longer believe in Nigeria. “Only an early return to regionalism would save the situation now. The elite are only pushing their luck too far, perhaps because they believe the large army of angry youths can always be deceived.

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