I Will Remove Every Impediment In My Music Career-Mz Bodege.

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Mz BodegeA Nigeria based- Israeli Afro-pop  music producer,writer and a producer Mz Bodega said she is going to remove every impediment in her music career

Mz Bodege said  “Nigerian musicians are some of the best I have seen and worked with. And in today’s popular music of Afro-beat/Afro-pop, they have somehow been able to take their traditional sounds and fit them perfectly into a popular and catchy genre with the perfect blend of sweet melodies, hot rhythms and an energetic dance style. It is no wonder Nigeria is the hub of this genre, which reaches all over Africa and now receiving worldwide attention. I am glad to be part of that dream.”

She also added that  “I am a true believer that “when in Rome do as the Romans, and this helps me a lot when I travel around the world. When I travel to a country, I like to get to know the culture from the inside as much as possible, eat the foods, learn some of the languages and customs, so as to really connect and not only to come with the eyes and attitude of a tourist. As a woman, it is often harder to cut through some of the business that is often run by men. I do my best to stay strong and at the same time respect the local culture and traditions.”

Bodega who had her first contact with music at a tender age has since then developed the passion to keep learning music from different cultures and she has grown without borders. For her, the excitement and energy of constantly creating and performing kept her going.

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