How to Track MacBook Inventory Levels and Prices

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The advancement in technological development has made life more easy and simple. This is not just in how we live, but also how we do things. Unlike in ancient times when one had to go counting items to keep their inventory physically, today this can be done while in the comfort of your sofa set. Automated inventory management is now being done in all areas, including the MacBook business. This article looks at how one can be able to track the MacBook inventory levels as well as their prices.

Track MacBook Inventory Levels

For you to be able to keep an inventory of your MacBook, know their prices or just remain updated on anything about them, then you need certain apps to help you in this. The good thing about these apps is the fact that one can easily personalize them to get only those results that he wishes for.

The Nano Inventory

Are you a small or medium business person that wants to manage his business with ease? Then Nano Inventory is for you. Many of your colleagues in your niche are using this inventory management app to track their products as well as their prices. Remember that as a seller; you need to at all times know the number of products left in store as well as their prices to make business decisions. With a Nano Inventory app, you can easily do this, regardless of where you are.

One clear thing about this app is its ability to enable you effortlessly update your catalog as well monitor the inventory of your Macs that might be in various locations. Note that this app can work offline, so having an internet connection is not the main requirement for you to be updated about your inventory levels and the prices.

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Inventory Now

This is another superb app that can help you effortlessly monitor and track your inventory. It boasts of quality features, some of which cannot be found in any other apps. With this app, you can access all the information about your inventory on the overview screen. And remember, even if you intend to trade in old MacBook, this app will enable you to do just that as long as you have the codes of the trade-ins you intend to make.

Inventory Now allows you to filter, sort and search any kind of information on your products. You can easily find information like date, barcode, category, name and others easily and more efficiently using this app. Most of this work is aided by the barcode scanner that the app has. When you buy a new MacBook, and you want to add it to the inventory, all you have to do is scan the barcode of the product using the scanner. This tracking app is superb, as it can support the product lifecycle like the Bought, Received, Sold, Shipped and Delivered. Other than these, you will also be able to monitor any changes in the price.


Sortly is also one of the best inventory management apps that you can ever wish for. This app makes inventory management a straightforward task, with its easy to use features. This app allows you to organize your MacBook inventory into folders and subfolders for easy follow-up. You can also add photos to folders as well as customize the mages to showcase what you are selling. Sortly also allows you to add searchable tags and notes to easily identify the products you are looking for and find out their price as well as the number that is still in stock.

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One good thing about this app is that it does not require you to have any particular knowledge to be able to use it. It has a user-friendly interface that one can easily interact with, irrespective of their knowledge level.


As a MacBook seller, you need to have an app that will make your work easy. Knowing the right app to use is the first step necessary to monitor your inventory levels as well as their prices. The market is full of these apps, and each one works differently. You have to choose the very best inventory management system if you are to succeed in tracking your MacBooks as well as their prices.

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