How To Properly Maintain Evaporative Pads

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For equipment to have a long and sustained life as it serves you well, there are diverse ways to go about in order to make sure that the equipment is in a very good state of health. The main purpose of an Evaporative Pad is mostly to reduce the rate of heat in the vicinity, it can provide up to 80% efficiency or even more that is measured by the reduction of temperature in the air above the temperature of the wet-bulb. Reduction in heat stress exposure in rooms, buildings, and organizations, as it promotes a well-designed ventilation system. Taking necessary steps to make sure that algae are controlled from building up on the pad because it will hinder the free flow of air and after a long time, make the cellulose pad material decompose.

  When the pad is not properly taken care of, it hinders its work effectiveness and the users will not benefit positively as it serves its purpose. Here are basic strategies to aid the proper maintenance of the pad. Proper chemical treatment is needed, exposing the Evaporative Pad to sunlight can also make it less effective and spoil it. Never overwork the pad, make sure it is allowed to become dry at least, once every 24 hours. The thought about how to accomplish this should not keep you worried, you can accomplish it, making it dry once every 24 hours by setting a timer for it to shut down work for a few hours during the night or very early in the morning. It will keep long its life span, as it works effectively.  Maintenance should never be kept out. In order for the maintenance not to appear tasking, you can decide to keep maintenance on monthly basis, this is because most time the pad might contain dead insects, dust, tree seeds, grass and leaves, and other debris. All these contribute to making the Evaporative Pad become weak on time without serving for the period it ought to if it is not taken care of as supposed or maintained. If you want to treat the pad with chemicals to keep it fit, monthly or annually, there are steps to follow as written on the pad manufacturer’s guide. as you maintain the pad, never add bleach like; chlorine or bromine, because they will end up reducing the life span of the pad.

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