How Consumers Like to Shop Groceries for The Holiday Season

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Grocery shoppers have distinctive characters. However, the majority of them share a common interest to shop based on quality, the location of the store, convenience, and then price. The big challenge, however, is that grocery shoppers are not loyal to a brand store. They seek a variety of their needs in different ways. During holiday customers have a slightly different shopping habit. In a survey, when it comes to grocery shopping, only about 26% of shoppers consider themselves to be loyal to a particular store. The reason is not about the brand, it is primarily about convenience. 


Quality tops the list of why people shop the way they shop. Customers reveal that they will prefer to shop, a hundred times more, with quality brands than they would buy from untrusted brands. 


People can’t help shopping. During holiday seasons, they prefer their time to rest and consider visiting a place where it will be convenient for them to get multiple grocery items at once, especially when fresh. Therefore, stores with a grouped setting for grocery arrangements would, most likely, have more visiting customers than those who specialize in certain items.

Speaking about convenience, more people prefer to use delivery services or to have people that can make the item pickups for them.  Hence, customers will prefer to shop from their convenience, making delivery services a considerable option.

Customer experience: 

This is another factor that determines how people shop. There is an omnichannel marketing process where people seamlessly shop online to add some items to their carts and they can complete the process manually or by making use of a delivery system to deliver their shopped item. Consumer experience contributes to why people shop for groceries at a place and it is best to have a good experience process for customer retention.

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Regional grocery: 

Owing to the fact that regional stores have more products in stock, more people prefer to go there to make a purchase. It is a common trend in holiday seasons. The major issue with regional grocery stores is that the stores are usually filled up. Hence, grocery delivery becomes a more viable option. 

Turkey remains a constant trend: 

What is a holiday without turkey? What is Thanksgiving without the right meal spreading? Consumers like their turkey and it remains a major consideration when they think of how to shop and where to shop from. They will consider a brand that can deliver turkey and other assorted parts such as gizzard, liver, etc. Therefore, a store that is interested in making holiday sales must think of turkey, and variably chicken, as an option for their store.


Prices of products is the last thing that people consider before they shop. Quality matters the most. However, if consumers can get a store where they can shop for quality products at cheaper prices, they would create ways to shop with such stores. Really, who does not like price cuts and discounts? Hence, we cannot ditch the importance of price as a major factor that contributes to how customers shop during the holiday season. However, in a report by Grocery Drive, since it is the holiday season, people are willing to spend expressly to have the perfect holiday. That is why pricing is usually the last thing on people’s mind.

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