Hello, United States Of Nigeria – Nigerians Bash Solomon Dalung

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Solomon Dalung, the Nigerian minister of Sports embarrassed his country by calling the United States of America, the United States of Nigeria, Thursday, August 4 2016.

United States Of Nigeria – Nigerians Bash Solomon Dalung

United States Of Nigeria

Solomon Dalung’s “United States of Nigeria” error was made when he had to deliver a statement regarding the U-23 Nigerian sports team who had been stranded at an airport in Atlanta.

The blunder would have been overlooked, but, this same minister once used the words, “Gongola State.” There is no Gongola State in Nigeria. Not since 1991.

It disintegrated on 27 August 1991, when it was divided into two states – Adamawa and Taraba. The city of Yola was the capital of Gongola State.

If a Minister of Sports doesn’t know this, well….

The government cited “availability of funds” as excuse for not settling their airfare in advance. That is what Nigerian leaders are telling its youths who went to represent the country overseas.

Despite his shocking misuse of words, his grammatical error was beyond appalling. That a man in his position could speak such bad english – is beyond comprehension.

Here are Nigerian’s reactions to Solomon Dalung’s blunders:

“Our U-23 team suffering in the United States of Nigeria, What are there for? Because they are U-23 and they went to US and they are having problems, does that become our business?

Here are his bashings on Twitter:

  •  – United States of Nigeria, this when you know these politicians don’t want to serve this country. Dalung is a fantastically useless minister.
  •  – So it looks like we’ll be referred to as United States of Nigeria soon.
  •  – United States of Nigeria… How did that even cross his mind, & That’s our Minister for Sports and youth Development o….
  • – United States of Nigeria is a portmanteau of United States of America & Fed Rep. of Nigeria. Evidence that the country has been sold???.
  •  – I don’t know why Nigeria can’t be referred to as a United States of Nigeria. The context of use is understood!
  •  – Sir, how did you become a minister of the United States of Nigeria? Who took you there? Is it because you’re wearing beret?

I think the @NGRPresident should give hope to true Nigerian heroes everywhere by sacking @SolomonDalung already. He shames us. VIA @Enilexx

Youth & Sports Minister, Solomon Dalung, Is A Joke. A Big Joke. United States Of Nigeria? Hisssss! ????

When you hear “United States of Nigeria” & u just realised Buhari has been giving political appointments to herdsmen

Nigeria has Never had United States……So where’s United States of Nigeria coming from. Village opportunists

Solomon Dalung saying “United States of Nigeria” slip of tongue maybe. But unpardonable is calling d players ‘suffering’ not their business.

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