‘You are hallucinating, PDP remains the best choice for Nigerians’ party tells Lagos APC publicity secretary, Joe Igbokwe

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Read the press statement from PDP below:

Our attention has been drawn to a statement credited to the State Publicity Secretary of the Lagos State Chapter of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Mr. Joe Igbokwe in which he insinuated that Nigerians will no longer trust the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) with their votes.


Mr. Igbokwe was quoted to have made the Statement while reacting to the Former Governor of Imo State, H. E. Achike Udenwa, who lambasted the APC for its misgovernance and hope that President Buhari will emerge as Candidate of the APC in 2019 to grant the PDP easy ride to victory.

Mr. Igbokwe’s Statement is a clear display of unpatriotism, selfishness, desperation and clear indication of how much the APC leaders and supporters are willing to go, to further plunge the Country beyond the present decay.

It is no longer news that the State of the Nation before we handed over power to this APC failed Administration was better economically, politically, socially and democratically. Nigerians were more united, our foreign and local debt profiles were serviceable and the PDP Government at all levels were more in touch with the people better than what is obtainable today. The Facts are on the Streets!

The Rhetorics of the likes of Igbokwe that those complaining of maladministration and ineptitude of the APC Government were partakers of the so called “looting and corruption” further buttresses our earlier assertion that this APC Administration has express agenda to disorganize the Country, promote sectionalism, cause chaos and then blame it on opposition parties especially, the PDP.

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In view of the above and more, we therefore warn Mr. Igbokwe and his anti people collaborators in the APC to keep quiet henceforth since it appears they have nothing else to say to launder the Broken and Dilapidated Image of their Party, the APC. Nigerians are not stupid and will never make the Same Mistake of voting the APC in 2019 or any other Elections in future. Again, the Facts are on the Streets!

To butress, we believe that Mr. Igbokwe is simply hallucinating and requires serious medical attention to think that Nigerians will vote the APC into power again with all round failures of the Party in government at all levels.

Finally, the Oneness and Unity of this Country lies in the Hands of the Electorates and how they will cast their votes in the 2019 Elections. For emphasis, we believe that the Electorates are more informed now, and they know that any vote for the APC in 2019, will be a vote to further promote extreme hunger/starvation, poverty, indebtedness, insecurity, anti-democratic tendencies, etc. But a vote for the PDP at all levels, will be a vote to return to real democracy, good governance, inclusive and participatory government by all sundry irrespective of region, tribe and religion, people-oriented policies and programmes. Indeed, PDP is Government of the People for the People!

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