Guys: Major Reason Why You Feel Pain During S3x

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Ever thought not cleaning your p3nis regularly would not harm you in any way, then you should are mistaken.

Pain During S3x

We are not talking about the scary medical conditions like the erectile dysfunction, prostatitis, genital herpes and other causes of pain during s3x but we are talking about a condition that can lead to infections in youe p3nis and that can make s3x painful for you. experience which is a condition called balanitis where the tip of the p3nis becomes, inflamed, sore and itchy. This can be caused by a variety of reasons but one of those reasons is poor hygiene of both partners (male and female); a man, even the women can be responsible for this condition.

How can a man’s bad genital hygiene can affect his p3nis?

There is a cheesy substance called smegma accumulates under the foreskin of the p3nis and if it is not washed properly it can give rise to an infection that can cause irritation and this problem is more likely in uncircumcised men but men who have a tight foreskin where the foreskin cannot be retracted over the end of the p3nis to wash the tip or the glans thoroughly can also face the same problem and some men are also allergic to rubber, latex, spermicides and other topical applications like soaps, perfumes, etc. These allergens could also make the tip of the p3nis get inflamed and sore if not washed thoroughly if these allergens come into contact with it.

How can a woman’s bad genital hygiene can affect a man’s p3nis?

 Bacteria breeding in the vag!na could be a reason for balanitis in men too and if a woman is suffering from vag!nal thrush it could trigger an allergy in the man and lead to a milder form of balanitis; while there can be many reasons for a woman to develop vag!nal thrush, bad vag!nal hygiene that alters the pH balance of the area could also be one of the reasons.

How then can balanitis affects a man’s s3x life?

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“Friction on the p3nis during s3xual intercourse can aggravate the pain of the infection, it can make the inflamed area sore and inflamed and it can make s3x painful; also, after having s3x the area might be itchy and make the man completely uncomfortable”.

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