Guys: 6 Popular Lines Ladies Use When They’re Not Into You

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 Even though most men will not agree but women are probably the smartest of both genders because they know just the right words to use for every situation. Women usually know immediately they see a guy if you are “their kind of boyfriend” material or not and if you are not you can persist all you want, use all you have and they will still turn you down if they don’t see you as a man they can be with without breaking a sweat.



Today, I have compiled a list of popular lines ladies use to discharge and turn down a guy.

I am not ready for a relationship now: “This is a very popular line for ladies to curve a man when he does not quite fit the profile they want, the idea behind this line is to turn him down whilst making him believe there yet may be hope for him tomorrow which is very false most of the time”.

I am in a relationship: Don’t fall for that line not that it’ll change anything, anyway; studies have shown that women lie about being in a relationship to get some space from an admirer they don’t like so she will say this to scare you into throwing in the towel, and sadly, it works almost all the time”.

I feel I need to focus more on myself for now: “No, she is not trying to focus on herself, she is trying to keep you away, and create more room for her ideal guy to pop up; guy, what she is really saying is that from her own perspective you both are not compatible so don’t take it personal”.

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I don’t see you that way: “If you ever hear this from a woman you’re into, just know you are on the friend- zone level, women don’t use this line on guys they totally dislike, they do it with those they like to hang around as friends, but never date”.

I am busy: “So you asked her out on a date, and got that response “Eya, I am sorry but i am kind of busy” reply? well, I’m sorry but the reason is because you’re not important enough to her because another guy she is into will make the same offer, and she will put everything else on hold for him, it’s a question of priority, remember”.

This is sooo not the time, but maybe…in the future: “What she’s really saying is that “l don’t want to be in a relationship with you right now, but please do continue to boost my ego”, not only is she not into you right now, but she’s also pretty much using you to get the male attention that she wants in order to feel better about herself; all the compliments you’ve been giving her, the reasons why you like her, the little presents you gave her, she is taking all of those, and to boost her own ego and she still won’t date you at the end”.


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