Guys: 4 S3x Fantasies Your Babe Have But Won’t Tell You

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Fantasies are called fantasies for a simple reason, it’s not immediate, it’s what one hope to achieve with some effort and planning. We all have our fantasies especially when it comes to s3x but they can also be difficult which is why most people bottle them up most times, due to the hard nature of them, people have always hid them because of the fear of being criticised or rejected because no one likes rejection, we might have just learnt how to deal with better than each other.

 4 S3x Fantasies Your Babe

Most people lie about their s3xual fantasies because most of them are despicable. Women have loads of s3x fantasies and below are some that we feel most women think about a lot but won’t tell you.

Submission: “There are lots of women who are submissive by their nature, even the cutest, adorable, also the straight as arrow, the sharp talker or even the strict lady; people mostly have parts of them hidden deep that they don’t allow people to see, for some and it is to allow themselves to be dominated in the bedroom; to do as she is told, she will do as told but might not be done with other intense level of submission but at least be told what to do in, what position to assume”.

Domination: “This is the other side of submission, most ladies have fantasy of dominating you in the bedroom, have total control of everything during s3x; she wants you to be her slave, you should ask her and see what her response is and it’s important that you allow her because men are naturally in control because of instinct so if she wants to take control of the bedroom, allow her, it could be her fantasy”.

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Roleplaying: “This is one of the most popular fantasies amongst women; women tend to keep their s3xual fantasies away from their men because it is weird because their role play fantasy might be disagreed with; she could want to play a student or nurse while her partner plays a lecturer or doctor or patient, role playing is a lot of fun that you should explore with your partner”.

Shagging a stranger: “Some women have had one night stands, most one night stands are easy spur of the moment, they’re also a fantasy of sleeping with a stranger; there is a lot of excitement because they want to know how he makes love to women or the chance that they might never see the guy again”.

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