How To Have Great Se.x If You Have A Small P.enis

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Great Se.x: A lot of men feel a little self-conscious about the size of their dicks. When a man feels he is on the small side, it can make him very uncomfortable and not very confident in the bedroom but most women will attest to the fact that it is not just about the size, but about the way he uses it. So if you would like tips on rocking her world even though you are not very well-endowed, read on.

Great Se.x


A woman is much more likely to achieve orgasm if she is very aroused. So, instead of making things even worse for her by skipping the foreplay, try to focus a little more on warming her up. When it comes to sex, penetration is not the only thing that matters. Using your other parts to excite and pleasure her can get her halfway there so that when you do enter her, she would not need you to do too much to get her to bliss. Besides the right moves can actually bring her to orgasm before penetration begins, which brings us to our next point.

Make her cum

No matter your size, if you are capable of making a woman cum, you are golden. Studies have shown that most women would not cum from penetration alone anyway so you need to use your other tools. Perform oral sex on her, use your hands and engage her mind with sweet words, you will soon have her shuddering in ecstasy. She is much more likely to sing your praises if you always make her cum than when you have a big dick that does not do the job.

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Chose your positions wisely

The doggy style sex position is better for a smaller man than the woman-on-top position. When doing missionary, place her pillow under her to elevate her pelvis, raise her legs before you enter so your length immediately reaches her hottest spots. Instead of doing the up-and-down, in-and-out movement, try and focus on a grinding motion as this will amp up her pleasure and not draw attention to your size. These are a few position tips you need to keep in mind.

Be confident

If you are with a woman for the first time, never bring up your size or making it obvious it is an issue. Women love a confident man above everything so if you act unsure about yourself, she would be unsure about you and you will lose the game even before you have begun. Follow these tips to pleasure her and she might not even pay attention to your size at the end of the day

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