Why Government Will Not Change Nigeria

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Regardless of your political inclination or how you feel about the last presidential election, government will not change Nigeria. I’m a very staunch individualist. I believe citizens of any nation are their greatest assets and liabilities.

Why Government Will Not Change Nigeria

Government Will Not Change Nigeria

In this country we’re so quick to put all the blame on a straw man image of the government. This straw man does no good, cannot be trusted, is evil and will never change. I was shocked that the opposition party’s campaign team was able to awake the naturally politically apathetic Nigerian mind. Really that was no mean feat. Yes, back to the straw man government. When we walk into Murtala Muhammed airport and the toilet has a foul odour we quickly accuse the government. What if we said, “who is responsible for cleaning this toilet?” These are the ways we should think about problems. When I board a public bus in Lagos and I’m cramped with little leg freedom, who do I blame? Surely the bus service is owned and run by individuals. Again, Nigerians making other Nigerians uncomfortable.

In the previous paragraph, I was painting a picture of how individuals are the main problem with our society. These same individuals are our greatest assets. In the same tone as my last post, people need to start thinking because government is not here to do that.

This may sound a rather unorthodox idea but I don’t see why, after all the high worth companies and individuals, we still depend on public electricity. Left to me small-scale private power plants should be springing up all across the land at exponential rates. Several people will rather pay a little above the current price for constant power and no uncertainty. After all, so many estates have estate-run generators already.

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I dream of a day when big businesses surpass the government in Nigeria. That’s the day we’ll truly be able to make our demands and have them met by all means. The richest people in any country shouldn’t be politicians but young entrepreneurs, business tycoons, entertainers, athletes, etc. Then we’ll have more role models in society and a meritocratic system to award excellence. Unlike the lack of role models and rampant nepotism today.

Government or Individuals: Who do you think has the power?

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