Girlfriend Killed By Lover And Corpse Dumped In The Bathroom

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DumpedIt was outburst-ed with crowd at early hour of  yesterday around 2nd west circular road   Benin City when Girlfriend was Killed by Her lover  and was Dumped in the Bathroom.

The neighbors just  woke up to discover the corpse of a lady in her thirties deposited in a bathroom by her alleged lover.

The yet to be identified lady was said to have passed the night in her lover’s house at 17b Akugbe Road where Uwa market is located, off TV Road, Benin city. Some neighbour who spoke on condition of anonymity recalled that the victim and her lover identified as Anthony, a driver working with a popular Transport Company in Edo state, had a fight till 4 am yesterday.   learn that the lady said to be in her thirties, died in the process and in order to conceal his evil act, the lover carried the corpse through a fence and deposited it inside a bathroom in a neighboring compound. When the occupants of the house woke up in the morning and discovered the corpse, they  alerted the police at Textile Mill Road.

The policemen came and took away the corpse but the occupants of the house ran away for fear of being arrested by the police.

However, the alleged  boyfriend was caught  when some soldiers got information that he was hiding in a nearby compound.The soldiers therefore stormed the compound, broke the door and found the suspect inside the room at about 3pm yesterday and handed him over to the police.


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