Ghanaian police bans ‘dangerous’ Christmas firecrackers

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The Police in Ghana have threatened to arrest and prosecute anyone who uses “dangerous” firecrackers during the festive season, in a move aimed at preventing deaths and injuries.

Ghanaian police bans 'dangerous' Christmas firecrackers

Their use was banned under a 1999 “executive instrument”, and law-enforcement officers have been ordered “to arrest any person or group of persons” who defied it, assistance police commissioner David Eklu said in a statement.

He also spoke with BBC saying, ‘most people think this Instrument is no longer in force and this is a reminder to the public that we will enforce it to the latter.This is not taking out the joy of Christmas because it is only the dangerous firecrackers that have been banned. It is better to protect yourself and your neighbours than end up in the hospital during Christmas’.

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