How To Gain Respect Back After Faltering At Work

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Gain Respect Back: Mistakes are a part of life that we all would get to make at one point or the other. It could be something very minor or a major mess-up, but the way and manner in which we respond and react after the deed has been done (and this goes beyond the apology), matters a lot more than the error that was committed what you did.

Gain Respect Back

As a matter of fact, if the mistakes we make are appropriately corrected, it can help you gain a higher level of respect from colleagues and bosses in your workplace. Here’s how you can go from zero to hero after going wrong with something at work.

Admit Your Mistake

The moment you realise that something went wrong with a task you were assigned to, call your superiors immediately to inform them of your mistake. The only time you may want to keep such to yourself is if the error is an insignificant one which you can correct on your own or if it is one that will not affect anyone, be it your subordinates or superiors.

If the mistake is a significant one, don’t try and hide because doing so will make you look a lot worse if and when someone discovers what you did wrong. More so, you may be accused of trying to cover up which can spell serious problems for you.

Be upfront about what you did and this will portray you as a professional which a lot of employers greatly value.

Let People Know You’re In Control Of The Problem

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After admitting to your mistakes, be sure to make a few suggestions that as to how you plan to fix the problems you created. Ensure that the solutions you offer are the best you can come up with and would calm the situation as much as possible. Show that you’re in control of the situation, that you’ve learnt from your mistake and you’re working towards fixing it.

You should however have it at the back of your mind that doing all this doesn’t mean you won’t be yelled at by your superiors. The positive side to this is that your boss will take note of your character during the phase. Handle the situation well and effectively control any damage that may arise from the situation and you’d maximize your boss’s good opinion of you on the long run.

Learn From Your Mistake Turn

Everybody screws up every now and then. You shouldn’t beat yourself up for making a mistake as doing so is just a waste of time. More so, if you dwell too long in your mistake, chances are you won’t be able to learn from your mistake. If you’re able to turn your mistake around and learn from the experience, you’d most likely be better at your job. Grow from the experience and learn to avoid the pitfalls that caused your errors in the future. Use it to help you grow.

Earn Your Superiors Trust Back

Despite being remorseful and hurt about the problems your errors caused, you will still have to earn the trust of your superiors back. The way to do this is to start small by handling all the smaller tasks you’re assigned to precisely and efficiently.

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Completing minor tasks in quick succession will help you adjust when you move on to bigger ones. Try to go the extra mile when handling any task and little by little, you will be able to charm your superiors well enough to forget about your past mistakes as they will be busy reveling in the quality of your work in the present.

Know that everyone messes up eventually but the most important thing is the way and manner you choose to handle yourself in such situations. Know that a combination. Of honesty, integrity, and hard work will get you back into your Boss’s good books.

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