Frustrated Nigerian Woman Needs Advice On How To Handle Her ‘young Stubborn Househelp’ (Photos)

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Okans Mimmy needs advice, read her post below…

Frustrated Nigerian Woman Needs Advice

“Here is my house help and also my sister living with me for three(3) years now. She’s in JSS3 12yrs old by November 10th. I brought her out of boden school this term because of her sturboness so that I can monitor her very well as a child.

She developed a character that I can’t control her anymore and I don’t like beating children to avoid getting use to it. I always prepared nourishable food for both of us n make sure she get up-to her needs to avoid bad behavior so last week I purposely prepared spaghetti without fish,meat nor egg for us to eat she aboundon the food for me telling that I didn’t put anything in it for that she won’t eat it.

I forced her for over 3 days now she refused instead she stay in empty stomach I got angry and allow her to go to school yesterday in empty stomach she went there crying. Teachers asked her why she was crying she complained that her aunty refused to give her food since 3 days.

Been that she’s one of the best student in school, they took her to the restroom and gave her food to eat and she ate as she arrived from school I asked her how she manage to survive in empty stomach she narrated this story to me I felt bad and called my mum who is also her mum she was very angry and also talk to her to eat the food she refused to eat it up till today getting to 4days.

Please what can I do to her because I’m thinking to send her home but my mum refused even the way she’s doing to other children mostly our last born if she come to seasonal holidays is terrible,unbearable if I may say.

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