Flattering Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas For Stylish Ladies (Photos)

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Wedding guest dress codes come with a lot of stipulations — don’t go too short, don’t go too flashy but besides the obvious do’s and don’ts, the “what to wear” to your friend’s wedding isn’t always an easy question to answer.

Flattering Wedding Guest Outfit

It doesn’t matter who you are, figuring out what the hell to wear to a wedding is downright hard. What does classy-casual even mean, anyway? You don’t want to be over-dressed, you don’t want to be under-dressed and you sure as hell don’t want to show up in blue jeans which is a no no for weddings.

Got a diary full of weddings to attend and not a clue on what to wear? We’ve rounded up the best wedding guest dresses to suit all styles. These selection of wedding guest dresses will take you from day to night impeccably, ensuring you look your best all day.

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