Five Important Things In A Job Interview That Makes You Make More Money

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Fortunately, if you want to boost your income, there are certain things that can give you an edge during the hiring process. Here are five things in a job interview that can help you earn More Money

1. Good looks


Are you easy on the eyes? Then, you’ll have an easier time snagging a job. No matter what anyone tells you, looks matter. Studies show attractive people are more likely to get a job and earn higher wages. Height and weight could also impact your job prospects. Tall, thin, attractive people have a much easier time charming hiring managers. It might not be fair, but that’s just the way it is.


You might not think a beverage could affect your chances of making more money or getting the job, but it’s possible. Let us explain. At the beginning of your interview, the hiring manager will likely offer you a drink. It’s in your best interest to accept his or her effort to make you more comfortable. Accepting a beverage shows the interviewer you’re friendly and agreeable. The interview is your chance not only to demonstrate you’re a good fit for the job, but also to bond with the interviewer. Making a good impression could work in your favor, as the interviewer will be more likely to work with you when it comes time to talk salary.

Why you should accept a beverage


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Roughly 49% of career advisers in a Workopolis survey said poor connection was enough of a reason to pass over a job candidate. One way you can work on that connection is to accept a beverage if your interviewer asks. Here’s what the experts at career website Wet Feet had to say:

If you’re offered a beverage (e.g., water, seltzer, or even coffee or tea) or a snack by the interviewer, you should accept it. Doing so shows openness to your recruiter’s hospitality. In addition, it will guarantee that you will not be rushed out of the interview, as it gives you time to bond with the recruiter over a drink, even if it is only water.

3. A briefcase

Carrying a briefcase to the interview could be one of your best money moves. This interview tip comes from Ramit Sethi, founder of the personal finance website I Will Teach You to Be Rich. His briefcase technique could help you earn a lot more money when it comes time to negotiate because it will show you’re prepared and excited about the job.

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The briefcase method

Once you research a potential employer, make a list of things you think it could improve on. You can accomplish this by putting together a document demonstrating your knowledge of the company and the actions you would take to improve their business. Showing the interviewer how you could help the company solve its problems is a great way to demonstrate how you could be an asset.

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When the opportunity presents itself, all you have to do is reach into your briefcase for the proposal, and give it to the interviewer. You would then go over how you could improve things at the company. This move proves you did your research and that you could help the company move forward.

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4. Who you know

You might have heard it’s not always what you know but who you know when it comes to getting a desirable job. In most cases, that’s true. One way to work your connections in a job interview is to do a little name-dropping. It’s OK to mention you know someone who works at the company your interviewing with or that you share a common connection with the interviewer. The trick is to be tactful when you’re dropping names.

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Name-drop your way to employment


If you and the interviewer have a common connection within your professional or personal network, mention it in passing. The key is timing. For example, during the question-and-answer portion of the interview, you could ask the interviewer why they like working for the company. You could then mention someone you know who works there also likes the company, and that’s partly what made you interested in applyin

Always remember to be subtle when you engage in name-dropping. There should be a natural transition, and your name-dropping technique should flow with the conversation. Otherwise, it will be painfully obvious you’re mentioning certain people in attempt to win over the interviewer.

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 5. Certifications

JobsAdvanced degrees are great, but it’s not the only way to demonstrate expertise. Another means of showing you have excelled in a particular area is through obtaining a certification. Competition for a good job can be fierce, so additional skills can do wonders for your job search. Professional certifications can give you an advantage over other applicants by showing you have gone above and beyond to hone your skills.

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Using certifications to your advantage

JobsTaking a moment to talk about your pursuit of additional education is a good move. It demonstrates you aren’t satisfied with reaching a certain level of success and just resting there. Continuing to learn something new will make you a valuable part of your employer’s team because it reduces the need to train and hire new people. During salary negotiations remember to mention relevant certifications. If you’ve earned certifications that are not required but helpful to have, this might be able to help you move toward the higher end of your desired salary range.

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