Expelled Indian Student Stabs Teacher To Death In Front Of Classmates

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Expelled Indian Student Stabs Teacher: A student in a government school in Nangloi, West Delhi, India has allegedly stabbed a teacher to death in front of his classmates taking exams.

Expelled Indian Student Stabs Teacher

Mukesh Kumar, a 50-year-old Hindi teacher was punched and stabbed repeatedly by the young student who barged into a classroom during an exam at around 5pm on Monday, according to school authorities.  He was joined by another student who was sitting for the exam, his accomplice just stood up from his seat and joined in the attack.

The two pupils, aged 17 and 18, had reportedly been warned that they would be denied permission to complete an examination due to a lack of attendance, local media reports.

The student who allegedly initiated the attack had recently been expelled from the school and came to pour out his frustration. Both students have been arrested. Police said the boys had “lost their temper” and attacked their teacher with a knife, adding that they had punched and stabbed Mr Kumar repeatedly and left him bleeding on the floor. The teacher was rushed to Balaji Action Hospital where he later died from his injuries.

A teacher at the school said that the students allegedly involved in the attack had failed exams several times.

Teachers from different schools across Delhi joined in large demonstrations near the school on Tuesday demanding proper protection, with many teachers claiming they had been harassed by students after punishing them for failing exams or low attendance.  Government schools in the Delhi area also boycotted exams and classes as part of a protest by the Government School Teacher Association (GSTA) over Mr Kumar’s death.

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