Easy Tips To Stay Fit During The Rain

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Fitness is not just a habit, it is a lifestyle that requires one’s commitment and dedication so don’t let the rain dampen your spirits. Here are simple tips to keep your body engine fueled every day during the rainy days.


Stay active through the day: “If heading out in the rain is not your cup of tea, workout indoors but make sure you get your daily dose of fitness; pack in a short 30 – 40 minutes schedule that includes a mix of squats, push-ups, planks to keep you active for the day”.

Vitamins are vital: “Add vitamins to your diet to keep infections at bay and maintain your energy levels, get enough rest, stay indoors and relax if not feeling well; apart from homemade food, add seasonal fruits and vegetables along with lean meat and legumes to your diet”.

Yoga: “Yoga can be performed both indoors and outdoors, just select an airy spot in your house to practice to keep yourself fit; yoga also helps reduce respiratory problems that are very common during the monsoon season”.

Run those miles: “The body is waterproof so do not fret to take those extra laps in the rain, an outdoor workout keeps the body metabolism going and helps you stay fit and energised”.

“During the rainy season a lot of diseases spread, so please avoid eating street food in rainy season”.

“Always take shower after being wet in a rainy season because rainwater contains a lot of germs and have acidic properties which can cause itching on your skin”.

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“Use eye drop to wash and clean away your eyes, as rainwater may cause a lot of diseases which may enter through your eyes”.

“Let your skin feel the air, due to closed and packed dresses and footwear in a humid climate can cause a lot of sweat on your skin so wear less makeup and try using slippers more in rainy days, another benefit of wearing slipper is you don’t have to dry your wet shoes for hours and also avoid heels during rainy days.”

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