Different Types Of Building Plans

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Building plans are usually a graphical illustration of what a building will look like once construction is complete. They are utilized by builders and construction companies like Galloway Civil Engineering Company to create different kinds of buildings; they also come in handy when estimating the cost of a budget and creating a budget. Whether you’re constructing a home from scratch or just trying to remodel your home, a building plan is an important guide that will guide you through the project.

A building plan is created when an owner contacts an architect or a structural engineer, both of which are available at Galloway Civil Engineering Company, with an idea for a new building. Putting the details and complexity of such projects into consideration, the architect provides different drawings to help the developer understand the construction process and the end product. These drawings are building plans, and they come in different types, which include:

Site Plan

This is an all-inclusive drawing of a building that illustrates the complete plan of the building. This building plan usually shows the boundaries of such property, the structures close to the site, and the different means through which the site can be accessed. For construction projects carried out by Galloway Civil Engineering Company, the plan also reveals the different service connections to the site and is the initial design before the process begins.

Floor Plan

The floor plan shows the top view of the building; it is an integral part of any architectural design because it shows the building’s space arrangement through a view from above. The walls, doors, windows, stairs, and other features are depicted in a floor plan. This plan is usually provided in a 2D form with all the measurements and details included, but recently, it has been upgraded to 3D form so the developer can clearly see how the apartment will look like with different objects and furniture in it.

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Cross Section

This building plan is a plan that shows the dimension and thickness of the different components of a building. The cross-section plan shows the floor height, the sill, and lintel height, including several other little details of a building.

Elevation Plans

This drawing usually shows one side of a house and is provided to show the developer how a side of the building looks when finished. There are external and internal elevation plans; the external plan shows the exterior of a building and can be in 2D or 3D drawing. However, the external elevation plan projects the interior of a house and helps construct certain rooms like a bathroom or a bedroom. It is provided in 3D to help the developer see how their furniture fit into space.

Landscape Plan

A building usually has a garden, lawn, or sidewalk next to it that enhances the beauty of such building; this is what a landscape plan is meant to show. A landscape architect available at Galloway Civil Engineering company provides a landscape plan that shows the flowers, fountain, sidewalks, and other decoration that enhances the area the building is located.

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