How to Detox Your Brain to Improve Concentration?

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These days there are strategies for everything, and that, surprisingly enough, includes everything that has to do with the human brain. Don’t believe it? Well, let us elaborate it for you. Boosting physical energy is a common phenomenon, and just like physical stuff, even the mental state can be improved through some well thought out methods. For example, exercise helps the body stay fit and healthy, and during this, some of us indulge in diet and detox. What if you were told that there could be a detox for your brain which would energise you to a great extent? To break this down and make it easier to explain, here’s a few strategies that will help you understand how brain concentration can be increased through a few methodical strategies. Take a look at the following:

  1. Sleep

The one thing that plays the most significant role in improving life is proper sleep. A regular and optimised sleep cycle helps in relaxing your body and mind altogether. It’s sort of like a reset button to your brain, which needs to bring together all your bodily functions and make them work in sync. Lack of sleep takes a giant toll on the system, which not a lot of people notice at first, but it does have adverse effects on the body. Sleep calms your mind and makes your brain function restfully. When the body rests, the brain continues working, but the regeneration of brain cells to help concentrate takes place when the body is in hibernation for a few hours. Making sure that you get at least 8 hours of sleep every night can produce many positive effects in life.

  1. Vitamin D

Sun exposure isn’t always just to get a beautifully tanned body. The appropriate amount of activity in the sun can give you Vitamin D, which brings about healthy changes in lifestyle. It creates a positive environment and also provides many health benefits like preventing cancer. This, however, should be in the right amount since excessive exposure to the sun can be harmful. Just the right amount at the right time, especially early morning, is a great way to enhance your Vitamin D level. If that isn’t possible, taking supplements might also help. Though it is more helpful if there’s natural intake of Vitamin D, sometimes supplements also make a difference.

  1. Diet and Water

Food makes a lot of difference when it comes to brain focus. Rich nutrients and proteins create an augmented functionality in the mind, and builds a lot of enzymes that produce good changes in behaviour. The brain soaks up the plethora of nutrition that is created through proper, healthy diet which makes you feel energised. This also releases a lot of feel-good hormones that can make a good alteration in lifestyle. Intake of water is another very significant aspect of improving brain functions. There are Smartphone apps that track your intake of water and calories, and use of those can help make sure that you drink enough water and consume the right amount of nutrients that will get your brain going.

  1. Relax

In the fast pace of urban lifestyle, it is very common that we end up overlooking relaxation for the mind and body. The reason it is necessary to relax is that our brain tends to adapt to changes easily. An hour or two to yourself doing recreational activities like meditation, yoga, reading, listening to music, pottery, singing or anything of the sort that interests you. An activity or just a simple laidback afternoon during your busy day can make a massive positive change in your brain functioning.

  1. Exercise

When the release of hormones like endorphins, serotonin and dopamine happens during exercise, it produces a happy and positive atmosphere within the brain. Exercise goes a long way in ensuring that your body and mind functions the way it is supposed to. As much as the brain needs relaxation, it also needs a boost of energy which can come through the release of these hormones. With a healthy body comes a healthier mind, and this sort of detox of your brain can help a lot in cognitive development.

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With such minor changes in your routine, you can possibly make a number of useful changes which can alter your life in a great way.

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