Denrele Edun Goes Crazy In New Style Ensemble

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Controversial presenter Denrele Edun has always been crazy and he doesn’t intend to stop anytime soon.

His recent photographs which have caused the media to go in a frenzy shows the socialite adorned in a pink mid-riff satin shirt-dress with a hologram behind it, and pink stilettos worn with multi-colored stockings.

Denrele Edun Goes Crazy
Denrele Edun is ever fashion forward

The second snapshot depicts Denrele Edun wearing the same multi-colored stockings over pink-platforms and a red tail-robe dress. Not forgetting the fire-red afro wig. Denrele is burning.

Denrele Edun Goes Crazy
Denrele Edun loves to take the lead

As with everything Den-related – that’s an original so if I see it or anyone using it anywhere I’ll sue, especially if Denrele uses it – his social media has been on fire with comments.

As usual there are two groups, those who oppose and those who support.

The Banter between his fans and fan-enemies reads…

  • emexze – Cool pic, buh Gee, how did you get Famous lemme start goofing around too.
  • ebukanwosu – Some one should call 911 for y’all cuz you are ?busy talking to some one who has worked hard in life and thats the way he gets his money. By showing ladies some fashions on board.. His sexual life style is not your business. If you don’t like it come let me give u one of my car key’s so that you can drive to hell ?for all I care….
  • mamzzy_mizo – I can barely walk on a 4inch heel and he is rocking 52inch heel???? Oh My Gosh. Am so f**kd!
  • nelsoncul – Nobody in his/her right senses will support this.. Can you imagine how this country will be if boys start emulating this denrele guy.
  • klotken – You won’t shock us again, since your swim pant post! No go go fall like maloo as you fell the other time.
  • eloo_drines – Most of this people commenting in every @denrele_edun post …dissing and saying abusive words since he joined instagram uptill now and he’s still doing what he’s doing, don’t you think you need a break? This young man has his own problems to sort, you might even have worst probs than he does. Mind your own business and let him be. If you don’t like him unfollow him and rest. Your preaching can’t stop him from doing things he get paid for …. Gay or no Gay, he has never asked you out bro! Ain’t siding anyone just being realistic here.
  • anne_hearthrob – Too much of everything is bad.Do u expect compliments with beards on your face and still dressed this way? See how cool your birthday pics look.Wish you had continued that way and not this.
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Denrele will not change for anybody. This is how he gets paid. The day he stops being Werele, that day his bank account changes drastically too.

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