Veteran Actor Says:Davidor Is Harming Nigerian Youths

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Veteran actor, Patrick Doyle, has said that singer, Davido’s trending single, ‘IF’ where he claimed to have thirty billion in his account was harming the minds of the youth.



Doyle said entertainers should be aware of the impact of pop culture on the society, especially on young people. He said that Davido’s song could lead many young people to engage in nefarious activities just to have that kind of money.

“Entertainment is a glamour thing but a lot of the people who are inside of the business are really pawns in another person’s game because entertainment and pop culture impact the people in an insidious manner,” he told HIP TV.

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When you start telling a young child that ’30 billion for your account’, he is gonna grow up wanting to get 30 billion by any means necessary.

“I’m sure the boy who sang 30 billion doesn’t understand what he has done but he has put in the mind of young people that anyhow you like: Yahoo plus, kidnapping… [the money must be made]

The actor cum broadcaster also urged young practitioners in the movie industry against looking down on their senior colleagues. He said, “Young people in the industry get a little carried away. In their minds, they believe they are the custodians of quality. Young people all over the world have been known to be a little bit overconfident so I don’t hold it against them.

“We don’t teach history anymore in Nigeria. The reason they have come into it is because it is attractive and who made it attractive. You cannot come into something you find attractive and disdain the people who made it attractive,”.

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