Buhari President’s daughter says her dad is a realist

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Halima Buhari, one of the daughters of President Muhammadu Buhari has said her father is nothing but a realist.

Buhari President's daughter

The certified lawyer revealed that her father told her point blank that she must study hard because he has nothing to offer than education.

“He came to my mother’s room and he said look, I have nothing. I have nothing for you. And if you want to study, study hard and make it because this is what I have for you- your education,” Halima quoted Buhari to have said.

“So, you better buckle up and study hard. And since then, I still have his image, just standing by the wall and telling us that. And I realised just how lucky I am because in this society that we are in, I wonder how many fathers will tell their children that.

Halima BuhariHalima Buhari receiving her certificate

“He is a very realistic father. This is the reality. He is showing us reality. And he always talks to us about the leaders that passed away without leaving anything behind and it didn’t stop their children from making it.”

President’s daughter, Halima called to bar

Halima’s disclosure was highlighted while speaking in a video documentary on President Buhari titled ‘The Human Side of President Buhari’.

The 55-minute video, put together by the media and publicity department of the state, also had ministers, aides of the president, and other members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) talking about how their feelings on Buhari’s management style, reception to counsel and his major strength.

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