Biafra Rejected By The South-South Group

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A group known as the South-South Patriots (SSP) has said the region is not part agitation for Biafra.South-South


After a one day executive meeting in Calabar Thursday, the group resolved that “the territory of South South is not part of Igbos’ agitation and self-determination of a country called Biafra”.

A 12 point communique signed by the Leader of the group, Prince Kingsley Ndedu, the Secretary, Mr. Joseph Udoh, Chief Mobilization Officer, Mr. Aigberemhon Moses and three others read in part, “it is on the record that, in the year 1966 the Igbos derailed the first democratically elected government through a coup led by Chukwuma Kaduna Ezeogwu in an attempt to suppress Nigeria and Nigerians. The Igbos domineering tendencies they attempted on Nigeria in 1966 that could not be achieved is now tilted towards the South South geopolitical zone which is totally not acceptable.

“Self-determination can actually be achieved in two ways mainly; peaceful means through referendum and war, which is the most painful with loss of lives. Eritrea achieved theirs through war. In the case of Southern Sudan, the country has seen no peace after the peaceful separation from North, as the country is now in civil war.

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