The neck is one of the body parts : How To Get Rid Of Neck Wrinkles

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When caring for the body,The neck is one of the body parts we all ignore but it is one of the major parts that reveals one’s age and if you are not giving it the same treatment you give your face you are doing a disservice to yourself.


Here are some ways to care for your neck.

Stop looking at your phone all the time: Constant flexing of your neck creates a whole new set of wrinkles and in this modern age where phones have become an extension of most people’s body looking at the phone all the time becomes a thing but there are some exercises that elongate the neck, as well as release tension.


Moisturise your neck daily: This will minimise and prevent lines from appearing on your neck, you can use the moisturiser you use for your face to moisturise your neck too.

Wash your neck before bed: It may be annoying but just as cleansing your face before bed is important so is washing your neck before bed because if you don’t shower at night, micropollutants and free radicals from the day can cause premature ageing of the skin on your neck.

Drink enough water: “To reduce neck wrinkles and also to ensure that it does not appear again, you have to keep yourself hydrated because when the skin is regularly moisturised and hydrated naturally, it does not get dry so, the wrinkles will not appear again in your neck as well as on the face, this is one of the most effective natural ways to stop wrinkles”.

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