BB Naija Runner Up Bisola – “If I was a Man, I would be celebrated more

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BB naija runner up bisolaThe Naija Big Brother runner-up Bisola Aiyeola mother of one  was the guest on Ebuka’s Rubbin’ Mind on Sunday. she has addressed the reporter that she is rude and that  She also had her child in secondary school saying she gave birth at 23.

“Those are not true statements. I try as much as possible to let myself out when I’m upset because I’ve lived a number of years in my life bottling things in and it didn’t do me any good. I walk around with this lump in my chest upset at somebody who doesn’t even know that they upset me. So if you make me upset, I’ll just let it out and once it’s dine, it’s out there. I do not like bullies personally, I have a couple of friends that I have stood up for in the past. When people were saying I was this, I was like maybe that was their own way of trying to make me look bad on the show. But I’m not a bully, I believe in standing up for yourself. If you can defend yourself, just go ahead and defend yourself because nobody else will defend you netter than yourself. I’m not a bully and maybe I talk a lot because I’m a bit expressive and it’s something I learnt in the latter part of my life and I do not regret it,” she said.

Bisola also said if she was a man, she would be celebrated more

“It definitely would have been different. There’s a stigma attached to single mothers, especially if you have a child out of wedlock. You’re judged. A lot of people actually said to me that they thought I had my child while I was in secondary school. I was like no, I was a grown woman. I was 23 year old when I had her. They kind of make it seem like the whole world is against you. It’s now up to the woman to bring herself up and I have an amazing family. My mum has always been on my side. If I was a guy, I would be celebrated more.

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