Annoying Things Couple Do That Get Their Single Friend Jealous.

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single friendSo you’ve finally met that special someone. Now you’re officially in a committed relationship. While it’s wonderful you’re in love and you can’t help but have that starry-eyed look on your face all day, sometimes you have to pause to remember there are other people who exist besides you and your partner.

Here Are Annoying Things Couple Do That Makes Their Single Friend Jealous.

1. Grope each other in public
Everyone knows you’re in love. You don’t need to touch each other whenever a crowd gathers. It’s not necessary for you to prove exactly how much you’re into each other. Play your “naughty nurse” and “helpful doctor” game when you get home. Trust us, no one wants to see you and your partner warm each other up. We know it’s hard when you’re around the love of your life, but when you’re around other people, keep your hands in appropriate places.

2. Talk about their partner nonstop
New couples can’t help but stare at each other and talk about how lucky they are. However, there comes a point where that story about how cute your partner looked while holding a kitten gets old. Your friends get it; you’re head-over-heels in love. Don’t make them suffer through yet another story about how lucky you are and how cute your partner is. They know because you’ve shown them the entire gallery of pictures in your phone — twice. Stop it already.
3. Brag about upcoming wedding
We know you’re excited, but not everyone is so lucky
You and the love of your life are finally getting married. All you can think about is picking a color theme, choosing the right flowers, and deciding on the perfect venue for your beach-themed wedding. Everyone understands how excited you are, but your single friends don’t need every single detail about the wedding planning. Preparing for a wedding really isn’t all that interesting to the people who aren’t involved. Your friends are probably feeling just a little bit jealous, and being reminded that they’re single might make them feel even worse. Keep the wedding details to a minimum.

4. Call each other ridiculous nicknames
Nicknames are terribly annoying to your friends.
If you’ve created a cutesy name for your significant other, that’s great. Your single friends just don’t want to hear you and your partner baby-talk to each other throughout an entire dinner. It’s quite annoying. And if you start feeding each other, don’t be surprised if your friends get up and leave you at the table by yourselves. Then again, you might not even notice.
5. Drop hints about how great their sex life is
Have a good time last night? Good, keep it to yourself. |
The singletons would prefer not to hear about how your partner wore you out last night. And no, they don’t want to see your sexy video. This kind of information should remain between you and your significant other. Your friends probably don’t think all that much about your sex life, and it’s safe to assume they’re not looking for details (at least we hope not).

6. Wear matching outfits
You guys aren’t teenage twins.
Once you and your partner start wearing matching outfits, you’ve crossed over into the annoying zone. Unless you’re under the age of 10, matching outfits should be a fashion don’t. In fact, both your single and coupled friends would find this a bit irritating. Save the twin gear for your dates at home if you absolutely have to match.


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