Alleged Run-away Nigerian Governor Scammed In Singapore

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An alleged run-away former governor has reportedly lost a choice hotel in Singapore to the latter day wife he used to launder his loot.

Alleged Run-away

The alleged ex-governor, according to The Nation is currently under investigation by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), for allegedly benefitting from the $2.1billion arms scandal, and also mismanaging N19.8 billion public funds while in office.

The governor has refused to honour EFCC invitation CR: 3000/EFCC/ABJ/ASO/TM5/VOL.5/596. It was gathered that the ex-governor used to frequent Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia

However, following the recent signing of six agreements by Nigeria and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), he reportedly left Dubai for Singapore.

According to a highly placed source familiar with the  ongoing probe of the ex-governor, the suspect entered into a marriage of convenience with the woman  in Singapore with a view to  protecting the investment of his laundered funds in the  choice hotel, as he reportedly bought the hotel in the name of the ‘wife’.

However, according to the source, “The marriage turned into a scam because the ‘wife’ divorced the ex-governor and took possession of the hotel.”

“The suspect has been battling to retrieve the hotel from his ‘wife’. It is however doubtful if he can get it back.”

Investigations revealed that over N600million of the $2.1billion arms scandal fund has so far been traced to the ex-governor, while another source said EFCC has been on his trail in connection with the alleged mismanagement of N19.8billion state funds between 1999 and 2007.

The source further revealed that, “Documents showed that he collected N600million illegally from the $2.1billion arms deal cash through the Office of the National Security Adviser (NSA).”

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“Initially, the suspect was based in Dubai but following a close up by detectives, he left the UAE for some countries where he has been on a make-shift life. We are weighing options on how to extradite him in order to bring him to justice. We will explore all legal options.”

While esponding to a question, the source said, “The former governor has been giving one excuse or the other for not honouring the invitation of the EFCC. At a point, the suspect said he had a heart-related problem but intelligence report confirmed that he was pretending.”

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