Alabama lawmaker literally runs down stairs to avoid questions about Roy Moore scandal

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For nearly a week, Alabama senate-nominee Roy Moore’s sexual assault scandal has gripped the Republican Party, dividing top lawmakers amid the fierce public backlash. Roy Moore scandal

The controversial subject has evoked varying responses, including causing one lawmaker to flee from a reporter’s dogged line of questions.

In the video released on Tuesday evening, ABC News correspondent Tom Llamas is seen briskly walking down a flight of stairs, closely behind Representative Mo Brooks of Alabama. Amid the hurried footsteps, Llamas can be heard firing a few questions as Brooks appears to avoid him.

“Do you believe Roy Moore over the women?” Llamas asked.

“I believe that the Democrats will do great damage to our country,” Brooks said.

“So you still believe Roy Moore?” Llamas continued.

“I believe that the Democrats will do great damage to our country on a myriad of issues,” Brooks repeated.

Several Republican lawmakers have floated the theory that Moore’s accusers conspired with Democrats to tilt the upcoming election in Alabama, which has historically elected Republican officials, in their favor.

The sexual assault scandal, as first reported by the Washington Post, shed light on the accounts of several women who alleged that Moore initiated sexual encounters with them when they were underage. Following The Post’s report, other accusers have come forward with evidence of their ties with Moore.

The scandal has also caused several Republicans, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, to distance themselves from Moore. Speaking to reporters, McConnell said that he believed the accusations and said that Moore “should step aside” from the Senate race.

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