9 Children Meet Their Early Grave As A Result Of Collaspe House In Niger.

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Early GraveAt least nine chiildren meet their early Grave as result of  heavy rains in Niger.

 Zourkaleini Maiga Said, The children were killed as buildings gave way in different parts of the city, , secretary general of the local authority.

One mother told local television how three of her four children had been killed as they sheltered from the downpour by the wall of a neighbouring house.

The heavy rains also devastated one of the main markets in the city centre. And two Niger television channels, Tele-Sahel and Tal-TV, were knocked off air on Tuesday evening after their studios were flooded, the station chiefs said.

Niger’s rainy season, which lasts three to four months, has only just started. Last month, the United Nations warned that fresh flooding this year would effect more than 106,000 people in Niger. Last year’s flooding claimed the lives of 50 people and affected 145,000 people, mainly in the desert regions of Agadez and Tahoua.

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