8 Things Every Man MUST Know When Giving A Woman Head

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Giving A Woman Head: Going down on your partner and giving head effectively is a skill one must know. You need to not only understand the basics, but be able to apply them the right way. Most women are more likely to achieve orgasm through oral sex than penetrative sex so if your goal is to have your woman quivering in orgasmic bliss, then you absolutely must know these eight tricks.

Giving A Woman Head

Be gentle:
Some men prefer a rougher hand when it comes to receiving blowjob but the opposite is the case when performing oral sex on a woman. Always be gentle. The vagina, especially the clitoris is filled with thousands of nerve endings making it extra sensitive so aggressively stimulating it would not only feel uncomfortable, it can actually be painful. Start with gentle teasing and a light touch, watch her body language for whether or not you should intensify it.

No teeth
Unless you consider yourself an expert and you are a hundred and ten percent sure that your woman is into that extra bit of kink, avoid using your teeth on her altogether. You give head using your tongue and lips. Just as you do not want her stimulating your cock with her teeth, she also does not need you using yours during head.

Find the right spot
If you are tonguing her in all the right ways, she is unlikely to orgasm if you are not reaching her clitoris. You should know exactly what and where it is so you can stimulate her to orgasm. When you find it, simply use your tongue to gently push against it or flick it, depending on what she likes.

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It is not fucking
Most men assume that oral sex is simply just sticking a tongue in and out of her like you would do with a penis. This is completely wrong. The whole point of using your mouth is so that you can control your movement and give her a treat. Instead of poking in and out, why not tease all the parts of her vagina to find what turns her on. Try drawing circles with your tongue or doing a licking movement to see which she enjoys more.

Get your fingers engaged
To heighten the thrill, while your tongue is working on her clit, slide a finger in there. Start by gently thrusting into her and even increasing the number of fingers to see what she likes. The combination of both movements can give her extreme pleasure.

Keep going
When you find what works (that thing you are doing that is making her scream your name and shudder in pleasure) do not stop. It is really easy to kill the mood if you slow down or go too fast when you find what is getting her off. Keep doing what you are doing as long as she needs you to. Hang in there until she cums and she will be grateful for the effort.

No pressure
A lot of women find it difficult to achieve orgasm because they feel pressured to. Make sure she is relaxed and do not keep asking her if she is cuming or if she has cum. Keeping track of her orgasm will make her tense and make it even less likely that she would cum. At the end of the day, this would put her off wanting you to go down on her. Give pleasure for the sake of giving pleasure, enjoy the process and the rest will come.

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Read her body
Make sure you read her body language. Some women are not very vocal during sex but her body will tell you what you need to know. Her back might arch, her toes might curl and she might clench her body or grab the sheets when she is really feeling it. Every woman is different so know your woman and know what her signals are. When you find it, you will know exactly how to please her because you will know what it looks like when she is pleased.

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