8 Things That Can Improve Your Eyesight

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Improve Your Eyesight: With the advent of laptops, smart phones and other electronic devices, we are increasingly using our eyes to stare at images and small fonts than ever before. Unfortunately for a lot of us however, despite the immense strain we are putting on our eyes, we don’t seem to give our eyes time to relax or eat the type of foods that will keep our eyes healthy and at its optimum best.

Improve Your Eyesight

Work routines ensure that we are kept busy in front of a computer screen and books for long hours daily and we rarely have the time to visit an eye doctor. There are however certain things that we can do that doesn’t require much time or effort and that can be performed at work or any other place we find ourselves.

Simple exercises such as nodding your head up and down after spending hours stating at a screen can help to increase blood circulation to your neck and eyes. It is also important to avoid staring at the sun as exposure to too much ultraviolet rays can make you become prone to cataract and macular degeneration. Sunglasses that block as much as 98% ultraviolet radiation should be employed to avoid your eyes going bad.

The tips below will help you strengthen your natural eyesight.

Eat Well

Foods rich in Vitamins A and C, lutein and beta carotene should be part of your daily diet as they help to repair the eyes. They can be found in foods such as cod liver oil, sweet potatoes, butter, pawpaw and grapes. Avoid eating green vegetables such as spinach and snacks.

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Trick Your Eyes

Tricking your eyes can have a surprising beneficial effect in your overall vision. Do this by focusing on an object that’s about 20 feet away from you for between 10 to 20 seconds every 15 minutes. This will have a surprisingly good effect on your eyes. You should however avoid staring at gadgets for long hours on end. Remember to also lower the brightness level of your computer screen and phone as this helps to reduce strain on your eyes.

Rest As Much As Possible

It is important to get enough rest after hours of straining your eyes. Try and get enough rest, since sleep allows overworked eye muscles to relax completely. It is also important to avoid staring engaged with a particular activity for too long. Relax your eyes by taking regular breaks of 5-10 minutes to rest your eyes in between long activities that will put a strain on them.

Take Lots Of Water

Increasing your water intake can go a long way in keeping your eyes healthy. If you find out that your eyes are tired, dry or blurry, you’re probably dehydrated and need to take some water. You can keep your eyes hydrated by splashing your face with your eyes wide open and filling your mouth with water. This will leave you feeling refreshed all round.

Do Some Eye Exercise

Engage your eyes in some exercises. Place your hands together palm to palm and rub them together briskly to create warmth and heat. Place them over your eyes and think of a place where you feel most relaxed. Avoid letting light in whenever you’re exercising your eyes. These exercises are best done when you’ve spent hours sitting in front of a computer as they can help to improve your vision.

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Go Orange

Carrots are especially rich in beta-carotene and they help to correct vision and promote eye health. Any other food containing beta-carotene and that comes in an orange hue are usually beneficial for the eyes. On the other hand, Omega 3 Fatty acids which are mostly found in nuts and cold-fish are quite good too as they help to keep the retinas healthy and stop age-related eyesight deterioration.

Avoid Sugars

Sugary foods should be avoided at all cost as they worsen your eyesight. More so, smoking has also been linked to an increased risk of developing optic nerve damage and macular degeneration as a result of age.

Remember to exercise your eyes by rolling them. Start by looking up and then slowly circle 10 times clockwise and 10 times counter-clockwise. Placing cucumber slices on your eyelids after a long day will also help to reduce pressure on the eyes.

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