8 Signs He Is Madly In Love With You

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If after several meetings with the man you love, you do not know if he really wants you for something serious and this happens to almost all women. The truth is that men tend to be more reserved and delay some time to show their feelings, however, they give some signs that they are in love.


Here are 8 points that you should evaluate:

He spots you anywhere: Whether you’re in a crowd or alone, he will always manage to find you.

Shows interest in your personal tastes: When a man is in love shows interest in things that you are passionate about and looks to share them with you.

Cares about you: Men are naturally protective. And when it comes to the woman they love they become real bodyguards. They want to know about your health, take care of your diet, support you on the university tasks … whatever. They are always aware of everything that happens in your life.

Praises you: When a man is in love, ends up proving that just by the look and by the words. If he always makes you feel good and enhances your virtues and beauty, you can be assured that loves you.

Makes you feel special: While you’re at a party, at an event or in a public place, he will not fail to give you attention. You will always be the most important person of the place.

His eyes shine: The eyes never lie. If his eyes are dry and lifeless, forget it. But if he looks at you with bright eyes, smiles and tries to touch you in some way, no way out, this man is all yours.

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Time: As much as he has to work, study and solve a thousand problems, he always has time for you. Although only are seconds, he answers you and calls you.

Sincerity: Men in love are sincere, avoid the lies and seek always to be transparent.

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