Lai Mohammed :why Nigerians Think I am Not Honest

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Lai Mohammed, Minister of Information and Culture, has explained why most Nigerians perceive him as Not Honest.

Ehy Nigerians Thinks I am Not Honest :Lai Mohamed

He noted that being the face of opposition for almost a decade before joining the government at the centre gave Nigerians the wrong impression about him.

The Minister, while speaking during the Osasu Show, said no one could fault the facts and figures he had presented to Nigerians so far,

He stressed that he had since challenged Nigerians to point to any particular lie he told but that so far, no Nigerian had pointed to any.

He said: “I think I carried two major burdens. The first burden I carried is that I was the face of opposition for almost a decade and I think quite a big section of the internet has not forgiven me for the role I played in the coming of this government.

“Many of them hold me personally responsible for the defeat of the PDP. I am flattered by that but the truth of that.

“It was Nigerians that wanted a new government and I was just one of the instruments.

“I have always asked anybody to come out and say Alhaji Lai Mohammed, this is what you said at this point and we found it to be a lie and nobody so far has come out to say anything.

“You can fault me on emotions but you can never fault me on facts and figures.”


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